A glimpse at the work we produce

Patient A pre treatment

Patient A post treatment
16 Porcelain veneers

Patient B mid treatment
Implant Zirconia abutment

Patient B post treatment
Implant Ziconia Crown

Patient C pre treatment

Patient C post treatment
Bonded crowns and veneers

Patient D pre treatment

Patient D post treatment
Post and core bonded bridge unit

This section is currently being updated to include a comprehensive portfolio of pre, stage and post treatment photographs from the clinician and the laboratory to illustrate the results that can be achieved using different restorative techniques. 

Pre and Stage Photographs

In order to achieve the most realistic results, we encourage our clients to submit pre and stage dental treatment case photographs together with any patient personal preference requests.

This will assist us in recreating natural characteristics and the morphology of the existing teeth. A photograph showing the lip and smile line of the patient can also help us create the most complimentary result.

It is particularly satisfying to see the final photographs, the transformation and a smile on the face on the patient and the clinical and technical teams!