High precision CADCAM

High Precision CAD CAM

Computerised CADCAM technology adds exciting dimension to the products and services we provide our clients so whatever the nuances of your case we are able to offer the most appropriate solution.

The combination of our our 3Shape Dental System and the Weiland Zenotech Select milling machine has given us the means to provide the best solution and materials for any indication all processed with high-precision using the latest in lab laser-scanning and milling technology and manufacturing expertise.  

Truly aesthetic, biocompatible restorations can be designed and produced in metal free Zirconium dioxide and Lithium disilicate glass ceramic IPS e.max®, bio-alloys such as Titanium and Cobalt Chromium, composites, PMMA and wax with a precision fit.

The ‘open system’ allows us to receive and send scans from all recognised intra oral scanners and can also send digital scans of traditional impressions, models and diagnostics to our clients to view in 3D, thus improving the speed at which we can respond to requests and design considerations.

Digital Impression systems

With the combination of our highly skilled technical team, intra oral scanning technology and our CADCAM systems, we are able to produce high precision restorations using modern high performance materials.

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High tech materials with CADCAM technology

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) has opened the door to us and introduced not only a range of high-tech materials that cannot be processed with traditional casting methods but also a range that can now be either pressed or milled.

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State of the art Milling Machine

Our new five axis wet and dry milling machine is so smart and sophisticated that we can mill high precision crowns and frameworks ‘in-house’; including translucent zirconia, shaded zirconia, emax, Telio CAD for long term temporaries, together with wax and PMMA for a precision fit and functionality testing.

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