Technology and talent - An exciting combination…

Digital workflow with Wade Dental Laboratory

We are embracing the digital revolution that has taken dentistry to a new level by working with clients taking on the state of the art intraoral scanners.

With the combination of our highly skilled technical team and intra oral scanning technolgy we are able to produce high precision restorations using modern high performance materials.

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Less time
  • Less mess

The new intra oral scanning systems benefit the patient, the dentist and the technician by utilising an integrated digital workflow. It replaces traditional impression taking by using unique optical scanning technology and is capable of supporting a broad range of restorations, from single unit to full arch bridges as well as the more comprehensive restorative and cosmetic treatments.

So how do we work together?

  • The digital Impression is imported to our 3 Shape CAD Software for us to digitally mark the model, die and margins and then design an implant abutment, bridge, bar, framework, coping, full contour, temporary restoration etc.
  • The models are precisely milled or 3d printed articulated and sent directly to us.
  • With cutting edge technology the substructure/restoration is milled.
  • We complete a beautiful, well fitting, aesthetic restoration for the patient for the dentist to fit.

If you would like to know more about how we can work with you and this exciting digital innovation, please contact us and we will be glad to enlighten you further.