CAM technology - a range of high tech materials

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) has opened the door to us and introduced not only a range of high-tech materials that that can now be either pressed or milled, but also a range of biocompatable materials that cannot be processed with traditional casting methods.

Our new five axis wet and dry milling machine is so smart and sophisticated that we can mill high precision crowns and frameworks ‘in-house’; including translucent zirconia, shaded zirconia, emax, Telio CAD for long term temporaries, together with wax and PMMA for a precision fit and functionality testing.

From the outstanding aesthetics of the lithium-disilicate glass-ceramic, IPS e.max® CAD and high strength ceramic zirconium dioxide, to the economical alloy Cobalt-Chromium, we can deliver an extensive range of restorative solutions.