What you can expect from Wade Dental Laboratory

Communication Icons

Whether it's identifying the most suitable product for a specific indication, advising on available options or the prosthesis, our team are with you all the way ensuring that you always receive the best that we can offer. 

The key to success is communication

Communication between the clinician, laboratory and patient is key in the overall success of restorative treatment.  From the outset, we encourage our clients to discuss cases, giving the opportunity to identify the parameters and the requirements of both the clinical and technical teams. This personal level of communication has enabled us to develop intuitive relationships with our clients, which ultimately benefit the patient.

Communicate with ease

It is now common practice for us to be talking to our clients whilst viewing cases, images and study models and not uncommon to be discussing options whilst the patient is present or still in the chair.  With our modern devices we can communicate with ease using Skype, Facetime, Voice email and now 3Shape Communicate, all ensuring a better client and patient experience and improved communications at a time that is convenient.

Personalised shade prescription

Personalised shade prescription

We offer a personalised shade consultation service either at the laboratory or surgery. Using of a combination of a computer aided shade eye, LED technology, photographs, sketches and notes we can make an accurate assessment of the true colour.

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A time and a place for every case

A time and a place for every case

Our computerised database system provides the facility to schedule and track all cases from arrival, through each stage of creation to delivery, ensuring that every case is monitored for quality and that we deliver to you on time.

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Short of time?

Short of time?

By prior arrangement, work can be completed in anything from one day. Some items such as complex implants, CADCAM milled abutments, zirconia and alloys are more time demanding but we endeavour to speed up the process.

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We’re committed to our work

As part of our commitment to our clients, the clinician and their patients, we ensure that Wade Dental Laboratory not only meets but exceeds the regulatory requirements of the General Dental Council, Medical Devices Directive and the dental technology industry.  The technical team are all registered Dental Professionals with the GDC and regularly attend courses and updates to continue their professional development. 

Wade Dental Laboratory is registered with the MHRA, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Service for the manufacture of custom made devices; reg. number CA 002617.

Our driving motivation is the ability to offer exceptional technical work and back-up, developing our professional relationships to benefit our clients and their patients”