We utilise advanced technology and the digital workflow to create a range of restorations from both intra oral scans and conventional impressions


Our open systems allow us to receive and send scans from all recognised intraoral scanners and enables us to send digital scans of traditional impressions, models and diagnostics to our clients to view in 3D.

This improves the speed at which we can respond to requests and design considerations to provide the best solution for any indication; all processed with high precision using the latest in lab laser scanning, milling technology, 3D printing and manufacturing expertise.


We encourage all our clients to discuss cases, especially complex implant and restorative cases, as this gives us the opportunity to bypass any potential difficulties and suggest options that can potentially save time and money.

Modern communication, digital technology, photographs, video, intraoral scans and implant planning software now ensures an optimum level of communication and this is highly beneficial in meeting our clients’ and their patients’ expectations.


As technology progresses we like to keep our dental colleagues aware of the processes and materials available and we are always happy to assist and answer any questions to keep you updated.

We welcome clinicians and their patients to visit the laboratory to see the digital workflow ‘in action’ and we’re always on hand to offer support or advice should you wish to know more about intra oral scanners and the digital choices available.

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The combination of our computer aided design systems, laser scanners, five axis milling machine and 3D printers has given us the means to produce restorations with outstanding results and precision in a time saving integrated workflow.

Truly aesthetic biocompatible restorations can be designed and produced in milled zirconia, glass ceramic, bio alloy, composite, PMMA, wax and 3D printed resin – all with exceptional precision and aesthetics.

Our expertise in computer-aided design and manufacture facilitates streamlines access to leading patient specific implant solutions, and we choose to work only with companies who can provide the unrivalled quality, warranty and guarantee our clients have come to expect.

So, whatever the requirements of your case, with our technical knowledge we can offer the most appropriate solution in terms of material, fit, function and aesthetics.

Using digital machinary at Wade Dental Laboratory