We have a highly skilled team with traditional talents to create a wide range of restorations from single tooth to full arch


When it comes to beautiful aesthetic restorations we can satisfy the most challenging of requests, our technicians have extensive training and strive to ensure we offer a technical and material solution that will fulfil the dentists’ clinical requirements and the patients’ personal expectations.


Modern materials allow us to create veneers that require minimal tooth preparation. They are long lasting, natural looking and can hide any discolouration, correct misaligned or damaged teeth whilst providing the same translucency, depth of colour and fluorescence found in natural teeth.


Full contour shaded translucent zirconia and glass ceramic restorations with characterisation are perfect for creating natural looking results in terms of structure, strength and longevity; crowns, bridges, onlays and inlays can be produced swiftly from an intra oral scan or impression.


Implant dentistry is a significant part of our daily business as we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this exciting field. What makes us so exceptional is that we are able to work with virtually all implant systems, from single-tooth to full-mouth, cement or screw-retained, fixed or removable, attachment, overdenture and more. So whichever system you are using, our technicians are well-versed in your dental implant needs.

We choose to work with companies who can provide the unrivalled quality, warranty and guarantee our clients have come to expect and offer an extensive range of abutments, interfaces, bars and hybrids. Our expertise with CADCAM has enabled us to work with leading providers of patient-specific implant solutions.

Whether you’re a young dentist or a seasoned pro, we can help be a guiding influence from planning to final restoration. We have found by working in partnership with our clinical colleagues it enables us to achieve the optimum results possible, especially if we are involved at the early planning stage.

We can assist in selecting the most appropriate solution to deliver a highly functional and aesthetic outcome for the patient – and for us that’s second nature. Ultimately, time spent liaising in this way adds real value for the patient.

dental technician
technician testing occlusion on model


For the ultimate aesthetic and functional result, computer design, diagnostic wax-up and provisional restorations can help you and your patient understand what is achievable before the definitive restoration. The diagnostic process can have significant benefits for the clinician in the preparation procedure to deliver the most favourable outcome saving time and money in the longer term.


We welcome patients either at the laboratory or at the dental surgery for a personalised shade consultation, to chat about preferences and assess the true colour of their teeth. It transfers the responsibility of selecting the shade to us and you can be confident of a good match… and many of the patients we see really appreciate the insight into the creation process of their new smile.


To achieve the most realistic results we encourage our clients to send pre and stage dental treatment photographs of the existing teeth and natural smile line together with any specific patient personal preferences to assist in recreating natural aesthetics and the most complimentary result (and its rewarding for us to see the final photographs too!).